Monday, April 1, 2019

April 1, 2019
  Yesterday, we did another exciting and always relaxing train ride to Boston for the ballet. I truly love these train trips – so easy and comfortable and mind-freeing for me, and so conducive to quiet reading, thinking, writing, and talking (though in whispers, because we always sit in “the quiet car”). I managed to write a poem on my phone as we sped through the countryside, and I did some seriously helpful spiritual reading. I also enjoyed hot homemade coffee from my thermos, along with some pear slices and yummy chocolate cookies. Mostly, though, I loved being beside my sweetheart of 7 ½ years. 
The ballet was, for me, a total winner. It was an old-fashioned tutu ballet – “Coppelia” – and I loved the traditional leg-swinging, arm-waving, tip-toey dancing and the beautiful music. I could enjoy it again tomorrow!
The trip home on the train was just as smooth and easy-going as the morning ride. I sort of floated along in my day-dreamy and sometimes meditative thoughts, with Cia beside me, silent and pretty. 

The magician and his dancing doll, Coppelia

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