Saturday, April 6, 2019

April 6, 2019
            Yesterday, Delycia drove up into MA to hike and visit with Evelyn, and so I spent most of the day by myself, sitting at my desk with my poems, sorting things out, reorganizing my binders of writing, and sending things out for publication. It was another creative and profitable morning for me. 
            When my Cia returned around 3:00, we were joined by Matty to give us a hand with loading the bulky bike rack on the car and getting the bikes down from their wall stands. We finished the chores – including taking a few chairs up from the basement to the patio – pretty quickly, and then we three sat in the living room for almost two hours of wide-ranging, weighty conversation. With Matt’s help, we covered lots of fairly new territory for me. I was especially interested in his thoughts about a book he’s been reading – maybe studying,actually – called Digital Minimalism.It sounds like exactly the book for us to read aloud together – about how to deal with all the screen technology that surrounds us, and to use it in a productive, intelligent manner. I like the fact that Matt said that the author discusses hobbies, and says that staying involved in a hobby is one good way of avoiding being ensnared in the hypnotic web of technology. It was a wonderful conversation with Matt, and both Cia and I look forward to the next one.

...sunset at Stonington Point

...a pause on a recent hike

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