Friday, March 29, 2019

March 29, 2019
Yesterday,  Delycia and I did something different for exercise – we walked 3 miles outdoors, but by ourselves. We thought – hey, we exercise by ourselves at the Y, even though we go together, so maybe we should try walking outdoors on our own preferred routes and at our own special paces. So, we parked at the Mystic library, and then struck out on our own, in different directions, saying we would meet back at the car whenever we felt like ending our walks. 
I had a great walk – up and down some of the steep hills of Mystic and along slightly rolling roads beside pastures overlooking the serene Mystic River. 
a merry wanderer

We met back at the car, drove home for an hour or so of quiet, and then gathered with good friends for our bi-weekly centering prayer meditation. There were eight of us present, and, for me, the hour passed quietly and inspiringly. I truly felt peacefully lost somewhere close to the center of life. 
Afterwards, we treated ourselves to dinner at what has become one 
of our favorite restaurants, a Thai-Laotian café in Westerly. ແຊບ! (delicious!)

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