Thursday, April 4, 2019

April 4, 2019
         Yesterday, I went to my dentist to have some ‘oral surgery’ – a tooth-extraction – and I felt so fortunate to have Delycia with me. She insisted on coming along, and she sat in the waiting area while I underwent the procedure. It turned out to be a fast and fairly simple task – a quick injection of novocaine, a few minutes of waiting, and then – yank-yank – and the tooth was out and the job was done. Cia came in – at my request – when all was finished, just to listen to the nurse’s directions for home-care for the next few days. Later, back at the house, she helped me throughout the afternoon – checking on how I was feeling, and reminding me, now and then, about the doctor’s guidelines. It turned out to be a quiet, peaceful afternoon as this fortunate patient recovered in the very best of hands. 

... two scenes on my walk along the Mystic River earlier today 

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