Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Yesterday, we spent another wonderful afternoon and evening at Jamie's woodland home with Noah and Ava. (We're doing this every Tuesday in order to take care of the kids while Jamie is teaching his evening class to GED candidates.)  We picked them up at their schools, as usual, and on the drive back to Jamie's, I gave them some riddles to try to solve. We all enjoyed the laughter and general foolishness as the kids tried to solve the riddles -- like, "I have keys but no doors, I have space but no rooms, I allow you to enter but you are never able to leave. What am I?" Answer: a computer keyboard! Back at Jamie's, we continued to fool around with riddles during dinner - a luscious mixture of sautéed cod and asparagus - and even Ava presented one of her own:  "In a swimming pool, 20 people jumped in, and 24 heads popped up. What happened?" Well, it turned out that 20 FOREheads popped up! A fine riddle, indeed!

* forsythias blooming in the dining room *
Now, this morning at 8:27, after a quiet breakfast together followed by silent meditation, Cia and I are doing our own private work in our own separate 'offices' as a light, chilly rain falls outside. 

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